Enjoy a Simply Beautiful Home

Enjoy a Simply Beautiful Home

Revitalize with rustic barn wood furniture and flooring in Reed City & Grand Rapids, MI

Do you want to give your home a personal, rustic touch?

Transform your space with barn wood furniture and wood flooring from Barn Wood Brothers in Reed City & Grand Rapids, MI. We acquire wood by removing unwanted barns. Each piece of wood is imbued with up to 300 years of historic Michigan homesteading, craftmanship and character.

Our wood can be used to craft beds, dressers, tables, chairs, countertops, doors and more. Each piece of furniture is custom-built by Barn Valley Furniture in Tustin, MI over four to six weeks. We also sell wood flooring. To learn more about our available furniture or flooring options, call us today at 231-768-3066.

We also provide wall packing services, accent tiles and ceiling tile work.

5 creative uses for barn wood

When you're considering new furniture or flooring, you might find a few ideas inspiring. Here are five ways to use barn wood furniture or flooring:

1. Choose a wooden dining set for your farmhouse-style dining room.
2. Select d├ęcor featuring the naturally beautiful growth rings or live edges of wood.
3. Install reclaimed barn wood flooring to give your home warmth and character.
4. Give your kitchen and bathroom a handmade touch with barn wood counters.
5. Complement an industrial-style interior with weathered wood furniture.

Can you imagine reclaimed wood features in your home? Bring that vision to life. Discuss furniture and flooring with us today.